Specially selected by the Fringe, October Theatre’s Tyumen, Then will have seven performances with the aim of raising $2000 for the Toronto Fringe Festival AND featured in NOW Magazine’s Top 5 Artists to Watch at the Fringe…

Tyumen, Then

By: Adam Underwood

Directed by: Andrea Donaldson

Starring: Adam Lazarus, Kevin MacDonald & Lyon Smith

Set & Costume Design by: Jung-Hye Kim

Sound & Lighting Design by: Verne Good

watch our amazing trailer for the show!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uexQ3W7Wp0&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

July 4th, 1941: Trapped in the boxcar of a motionless train, somewhere between Moscow and Siberia, two confined soldiers guard the rousing corpse of Vladimir Lenin. Join these award-winning Toronto theatre artists for a ruthless, seriously unhinged satire about ideology, war, and the quest for survival.

Show Dates & Times:

Friday July 8th @ 11pm

Monday July 11th @ 8:45pm

Tuesday July 12th @ 4:30pm

Wednesday July 13th @ 12:15

Thursday July 14th @ 7pm

Friday July 15th @ 6:15pm

Saturday July 16th @ 1:45pm

Robert Gill Theatre

214 College Street, 3rd floor (@ St. George)

(Air-Conditioned Theatre)

Ticket Information:

Tickets can be purchased for $11 at www.fringetoronto.com

& over the phone at 416.966.1062

& in person at the door one-hour prior to performance for $10

See you at the show, comrades!



WHO: Andrea Donaldson

WHAT: Director of Tyumen, Then, a satire set on a 1941 train about war and survival.

WHY: Donaldson’s name on a program (Montparnasse, The Unfortunate Misadventures Of Masha Galinski, The Atomic Weight Of Happiness) always promises suggestive staging that teases the imagination. Can’t wait to see what she does with Adam Underwood’s play, in which the corpse of Vladimir Lenin plays a part.


“With a strong cast and sound director, this quirky satire has all the makings for Fringe.” BlogTO


“With a strong all-male trio of Toronto performers and Andrea Donaldson directing (Montparnasse, The Atomic Weight of Happiness), it’s one of the year’s must-sees. Besides, the show was invited by the Fringe to help raise $2,000 for the festival, so to not go would just be mean.” The Torontoist (Carly Maga)

Dora Fever!

June 10, 2011

Both The Atomic Weight of Happiness and Montparnasse have been nominated for mulitple awards. Yay teams!